Scam report about Hannah 

First name:  Hannah
Aka:  honestbaby68
Age:  33
Location:  Koforidua, Ghana
Report:  I recall meeting this woman on a site, but I can't remember which one. I asked and she said,, but I went back and could not find her. After telling her she was not on there she said nothing about it. She popped on my yahoo IM, and gave the same story we have all heard; she is looking for the man of her life and falls in love right away. I asked how can we have a relationship when she is in Ghana? then she said she needs a plan ticket, a passport, and a visa. I asked if she had the money to do all that she needs. she said no, And I told her there is not much I can do and I asked how much it will cost, she said $1000. And ask if I could send it. And she asked if I can get ti help her I told her I will try. Then she asked foe at least $200 for her mother or something on that idea. I told her I didn't have it, she seem upset and I told her I had to leave. I have not talked to her again, yet.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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