Scam report about Lillian Jane

First name:  Lillian
Last name:  Jane
Aka:  Allison Angel
Age:  28
Location:  Croton Ohio but currently in Nigeria
Email:  lilly_jane97
On websites:  yearbook
Report:  I met this lady on yearbook she asked me to meet her on yahoo messenger so i did and we chatted for a few days and then she said she is feeling very bad , when i asked why she said she has no money for food, then she asked me if i could send her $50.00 dollars but i said no i had no money to send her she then came up with this idea that she could wire me some money from her account in Ohio.. i said i will not give out my account number.. tonight when i mentioned that she could get money from her web site which she has her own site called Allison Angel she told me she stopped that site and if i do not want to send her money then Bye..

Status of report:  is still without proof

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