Scam report about Marina Gabova

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Gabova
Age:  26
Location:  Miass Russia
Address:  Romanenko str Flat 47 Miass Russia
Phone:  +79022487603
Email: &
On websites:  dating sites
Report:  this lady has been corresponding with a relation of mine for several weeks off & on as he was silly enough to send her 550 british pounds by Great Western bank for so called visa & documents She is now still saying she loves him and lots of sillly love letters but again asking for more money all by means of those described in your information. the money was sent in June & she is now saying she needs more to come over to England to see him she is 26yrs of age and my relation is 60 years old. We have pictures of a young woman which looks like professional photo shoots that she sent by email ...The tel number is a recorded message in Russian when we call it...she says it does not receive incoming calls & that she cannot contact him by it so uses a public phone...this is an improvement of recent days as it was at first before the money was sent she said that she did not have a computer at home but used a internet cafe now she has a computer at home but no phone only this mobile number which cannot receive calls from abroad or make calls out abroad!!! all very odd

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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