First name: Shiela
Last name: Camargo
Age: 19
Location: Philipines
Address: Gordon Heights blk. 20, Rimas street, Olongapo City
On websites: Filipino Kisses
Report:     I'm man who's scammed (and terrible hurt in feelings) by Shiela Camargo from Olongapo City in Fhilipines. She's using also different names like Rachell Aragon or Vivian Camargo (or Shella). She started communicating with me through site Filipino Kisses. We chat on it and later on MSN and Yahoo Messenger. She told me to have poor family and ask me to meet her. I go to her in Olongapo City. But when I arrive there, after one day before she told me she couldn't pick me up from airport in Manila, she wasn't there. But later she came and we spent some days. After comming home I helped her (supported here), because I thought she loves me. And I wanted to help her too, because was thinking she loves me true. She always said she does and bought ticket for next meet. In meantime she was lying in hospital, and I payed big part of bill. Father first wanted more moneym but told not to have. I pay less, but still payed a lot. And I also payed for het bill for connection, living, etc. But two weeks before we should meet again, after we are chatting almost daily for half a year, she told (and her father) she dont want me to come. First she told by herself (chat) and later her father too, because he wanted 'more' (money) for his daughter. All changed in one message from her and she never wanted to talk anymore. It hurt me a lot. I met her on dastingsite Filipino Kisses, chat with her, go to her, fall in love and give her a lot. Before she always takes the money. She used me, by telling she loves me. But it was not true. She doing only to get the money. Her father (Tomas Camargo) is also playing roll in all: he want to get as much as possible money for his daughters: Vivian Camago and Shiela Camargo. All I want to say: watch out (!!), you can't trust this family in Olongapo City!! Not only because of the money, but also because she (they) hurts (playing with) feelings very much!
Status of report: is still without proof