Scam report about Wale Nunez

First name:  Wale
Last name:  Nunez
Age:  23
Location:  Cleveland QLD Australia
On websites:  eVow
Report:  She initiated contact on the dating website eVow. She wanted to talk via email instead tho cos she doesn't use the site much. We were trading emails for a week or so, and it just seemed to good to be true - she had photo's and she was rather attractive, and every email she would like me more and more, and she admitted she was falling in love with me and couldn't wait to see me. She worked for UNICEF and was on a mission in South Africa. After about 10 or so emails she tells me she is sad because her money has run out and she can't buy food, and the food they serve in the camp makes her sick. So she asked me to send her some money(I didn't do it, and had looked up this site 2 emails prior because of how suss it felt). But after I said I wasn't comfortable sending money she sent email saying she wasn't trying to swindle me and how wrong that is to do (I never suggested she was), but again asked for $100 via western union money transfer. She wanted me to send the money to Bongi Suzan Mudau (who I have found on this site too) at the camp ground in Pretoria, South Africa. After receiving this email I have terminated our correspondence and blocking her email address.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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