First name: Nancy
Last name: Moore
Age: 45
Location: Hamptonville, North Carolina Cape Coast, Ghana
Address: 3351 Arnold Road, Hamptonville, N.C. 27020
Report:     Nancy Moore first contacted me through Claims to have moved from California to North Carolina with her 10 year old daughter, Kathy, because she needed to get far away from her ex-husband. Home schools her daughter, works from her home doing something with antiques. Supposedly went to Cape Coast Ghana for her work and got robbed. That is when the requests started for money. Then when she was going to come visit me, she was in an accident in Ghana (supposedly), then some guy called claiming to be the doctor and sent me pictures of the accident, her daughter, and she. The picture did not look at all like the ones she had been sending me. A week later, she asked for more money so she could leave and come see me. When I didn't send it, I was a wicked soul and communication was stopped. This is after numerous weeks, 4 or 5, of communicating and hearing how I was the love of her life and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. When I didn't have internet, she texted me from 92466501. I have to admit, the stories were so real and I thought I would help. She kept telling me that as soon as she got back from Ghana she would pay me back plus more. She emailed me a copy of a check, from Chase Bank, for one hundred thousand dollars made out to Nancy Moore, but there was not a date on it. I was immediately suspicious when she asked for money but went along anyway. I sent money via Money Gram. I figured I would never get it back so I kept playing along. $300 for food since she had all her money taken, $100 because they had run out, $50 because they needed a little extra, $500 to help with plane tickets, and then $220 more because they were short for plane tickets. Then the accident on the way to the airport and a week later she needed more money so she could come see me. I decided I was done giving and that is when I became a heartless, wicked soul and the communication stopped.
Status of report: is still without proof