Scam report about Doreen Wayne

First name:  Doreen
Last name:  Wayne
Age:  32
Location:  Richland ,Washington
On websites:
Report:  I got a message on the dating site from DOREENWYN. As I haven't upgraded , I tried to look her up on Yahoo. The good news was her profile name matched her yahoo address. The bad news was she was a scammer. Enclosed is our yahoo IM text. I used to get photo match at , which led me to porn star called Vicky at I'll try and enclose my screenshots as well. Here's the IM text ---->BUZZ!!! mrblue_eyes67: hello doreen Doreen Wayne: hello Doreen Wayne: what's your name? mrblue_eyes67: I apologise for contacting you this way. I haven't upgraded , so I can't message on site. Doreen Wayne: where 're you located? mrblue_eyes67: my name is paul mrblue_eyes67: I'm in Mass mrblue_eyes67: Was hoping you were a little closer Doreen Wayne: your age? mrblue_eyes67: 44 Doreen Wayne: where 're you located? mrblue_eyes67: Massachusettes Doreen Wayne: ok mrblue_eyes67: now , is it you're on girls date for free ? Doreen Wayne: yes mrblue_eyes67: ok , sometimes when you sign up for one site , you end up on two or three. Doreen Wayne: what do you for a living? mrblue_eyes67: just getting the hang of these sites. sometimes the site generates sending messages mrblue_eyes67: I'm a carpenter in boston Doreen Wayne: ok mrblue_eyes67: what do you do ? Doreen Wayne: i worked with insurance company mrblue_eyes67: did you send me a message tonight ? mrblue_eyes67: on site Doreen Wayne: yes Doreen Wayne: i'm Doreen mrblue_eyes67: oh ok , like I said sometimes I think the site tries and sets people up mrblue_eyes67: nice to meet you doreen Doreen Wayne: and me too mrblue_eyes67: you're in washington ? Doreen Wayne: nope mrblue_eyes67: oh Doreen Wayne: i worked with cornerstone insurance company in canada mrblue_eyes67: lol , just my luck, I find a good looking woman and she lives out of the country mrblue_eyes67: your profile says you are from Richland mrblue_eyes67: when I look you up on yahoo ,it said washington Doreen Wayne: i grew up in WA Doreen Wayne: Richland,WA mrblue_eyes67: have you been on the site long ? Doreen Wayne: i move to canada earliy last year mrblue_eyes67: how do you like canada ? Doreen Wayne: i registered this the year mrblue_eyes67: any luck so far ? do you get to send message and recieve for free ? Doreen Wayne: it's a nice place Doreen Wayne: what?? mrblue_eyes67: on the site Doreen Wayne: i don't understand you last word Doreen Wayne: yes mrblue_eyes67: i can only see people sent me messages , can't read them Doreen Wayne: you have to confirm it mrblue_eyes67: can't send them either mrblue_eyes67: thought men have to pay but the site is free for women Doreen Wayne: you go to your inbox and you will see that message confirmation Doreen Wayne: ok Doreen Wayne: but don't you got confirmation msg from the site when you registered Doreen Wayne: ? mrblue_eyes67: i can wink and send the generic

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