Scam report about Maame Paker

First name:  Maame
Last name:  Paker
Aka:  basit.rasak
Age:  34
Location:  africa
On websites:
Report:  Yahoo'd me out of the blue , sent me some photos and even had a webcam going. here is our yahoo IM text ----> BUZZ!!! basit.razak: Hery there basit.razak: im basit from amateurmatch and you basit.razak: accet it You have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing. mrblue_eyes67: hello mrblue_eyes67: nice to meet you basit basit.razak: same to u basit.razak: whts ur name mrblue_eyes67: peter basit.razak: Nice name basit.razak: so how old r u mrblue_eyes67: do you have a profile on amateur match ? mrblue_eyes67: 44 basit.razak: okay im 34 do u care about my age mrblue_eyes67: not at all mrblue_eyes67: age is just a number basit.razak: Okay do u have a cam,, basit.razak: so aso do u have a webcam mrblue_eyes67: i don't have a cam , sorry basit.razak: wht work do u do mrblue_eyes67: i drive a truck basit.razak: okay nice basit.razak: so can u try ru webcam and i wil try mine BUZZ!!! mrblue_eyes67: i just set up your web cam basit.razak: Okay basit.razak: invite me and i will You have accepted the invitation to start webcam. basit.razak: can i see ur cam mrblue_eyes67: sorry I don't have one basit.razak: okay can u send me ur pics, mrblue_eyes67: ok I'll have to find some basit.razak: okay basit.razak: so r u married mrblue_eyes67: seperated basit.razak: wht r u looking for mrblue_eyes67: casual relationship for now basit.razak: Okay basit.razak: So have u ever chat with anyone from africa before mrblue_eyes67: will revaluate if someone special comes along mrblue_eyes67: no , are you in africa ? basit.razak: yes and do u know there mrblue_eyes67: not too much basit.razak: how long have u been on amateurmatch mrblue_eyes67: just a couple of months basit.razak: k send me ur pics

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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