Scam report about evelyn coliman

First name:  evelyn
Last name:  coliman
Age:  30
Location:  accra ghana
Phone:  233-267-452682,233-274-562154
On websites:
Report:  She wrote me a email giving her yahoo messenger name and said she wanted to chat or email.She contacted me from talked about 4 days.On the website it said she was from washington dc and was 34.Then she said she lived in west africa but her city was not avalible and she was actually 30 but on yahoo it said she was 32.on the site.Also the number she texted me from i called she texted back i see you called but i have to call you from different number .She did call from a different one but was very short and latter on said see im real.First she wanted 200 for her phone so we could talk on phone more because they were charging her and she wanted to change her plan to talk longer to me.Then she said she needed a new laptop because hers was too old and webcam kept freezing and she couldnt afford one because shes supporting her sister and mom after her dad died but when we first spoke she said she lived with her mom and dad and she wants a loving relationship like they have.She wanted me to send the money order to her cousin because her cars broke and he could pick it up.His name is Adam Majeed. I told her i dont put my crdit card on the computer so i would have to do it in person and i couldnt until monday.She kept saying its western union and its safe.The more i told her i was cautious the colder she became.I told her theres alot of scammers out there and thats when she became totally cold and turned it around on me saying i didnt trust her and shes looking for trust.No money was sent im to smart i knew it was a scam off the bat.Her story had so many holes in it and kept changing she wasnt smart enough to keep up with me.As of now i still have her unsure im keeping her dangling.I think she still thinks theres hope i will send some money.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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