Scam report about Patricia Hammond

First name:  Patricia
Last name:  Hammond
Age:  31
Location:  Ghana Accra 7370
Address:  Abeka Freepipe Avenue 14 Zip code:0233
Phone:  00233244842378
On websites:
Report:  I just subscribed for five minutes and she start chatting. After half an hour we changed emailadresses, her idea, she send me mail and three photo`s. Asked me to put my webcam on,I told her I had to buy one, tomorrow. Actuly I had one. Next day she kept on trying to reach me on my msn. We put our webcam on. Hers worked very bad. Picture stops everytime for half an hour. Very beautifull woman, told me a sad story about her relation, found him in bed with her best girlfriend. Looked to me she had it all written down. Very difficult, though romantic, stories and poetry. Asked so many questions, was incredible!! What job, how much do you make, what car you drive, asked for picture of my furniture, wanted to see my phone etc, etc. The 27th was her birthday asked for roses 1,20 each and 32 of them,if I could send the money and also for a webcam and a callcard. Within 24 hours she was so in love with me she wanted to come over, if I could arange it with a travel agency. Costs 865,00 + 400,00+50,00= 1315,00 = ticket+roses+webcam. I`m still writing her and am installing Camstasia to film her when she is on webcam but she said its out of work. Told her I have friends in Ghana who are going back, but I`m going to tell her that they will bring the money and the roses and the webcam. She is very persistive in me transfering the money. She keep on asking for money, I told her I dont know you that well but keeps going and on and on. How do I send her letter and pictures, I`ve had only one letter. Rest all chat.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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