Scam report about Sophia Asante

First name:  Sophia
Last name:  Asante
Aka:  Sishayi Nxumalo
Age:  26
Location:  Swaiziland
Email:  Sishayi Nxumalo
On websites:
Report:  Hello David, It was nice hearing back from you again and thank you very much for the comment about my photos. I really appreciate it very much. I'm also very happy to know that you do like Indians and you are an open type of person. I do also believe in true love and it has no boundaries. It's a good question that you asked the reason why my family are in Ghana and I will tell you shortly in the next mail. I will write them down and send them seperately from this mail. I do also like to travel and explore different places and I have been to many countries in the European Zone and the Southern part of American Zone. I have only one sister but she is very young. Her name is Laila and she is been adopted by my father when I was in Swaziland. I made him do it because am the only daughter my father has. I just needed a sister close to me. I'm also looking for the same strong man who can also work hard to keep a relationship working and also have a lot of fun. being honest and truthful is the key to a successful friendship that will last for centuries. I can't say I am honest and truthful but you will have to study and learn the way I am. You will know much better than me. Even though I don't lie to people and I'm not that open because I've been single for almost 6 years now without being with a man. But because of you I will be open and tell you everything about me and what I want to be in the future. Am a well talented woman who knows a lot about history and other peoples culture. It will be nice having fun with someone special and I wonder how it's going to be. It's good to ask questions because that's the only way you can pass through and get to know someone. So it's cool with me because as time goes on, I will be asking you more questions too. It's good to know that you do have a kind heart and share whatever you have in had with others if necessary. I think youare quiet a good person with a kind heart from what I read about you. It would be nice getting in touch with you much and get to know each other much better. Actually I don't have children and yes I look young. My date of birth is 4th December 1985. Well dating scene in Ghana is not like Swaziland. Here many men play with womens emotions. They only want to use you and dump you. The men are very bad and it's just by luck that God will send you someone who fears him. Oh no I don't have many boy friends. I've only dated once in my lifetime when I was 18 years old in Swaziland. It lasted for just a month and some few days. I just came to find out that he was a womanizer and a cheat. He got the chance to break my virginity and had sex with me twice. After that mistaken relationship, I've never been into any again. I just concentrated on my books till now. In my own words, I can say am like a virgin because I did not get used by men. Am a well educated girl and knows what's best for me. Oh yes of course if a chance come and we fell in love, I will definately move to the United State because my plans are to work and start a family either in the European Zone or the United State. I don't have any plans to work and have a family in Africa to be honest with you. I do have a good profession and even tomorrow early in the morning, I have an Interview at the Metro TV of Ghana just to see how good I am in Journalism, Program Host or a News Presenter. I'm very good because many media companies wants me but I was lack of a certificate that will give me the chance to work over here. So my plans are to work either for Fox, CNN and other big media companies in the United State. I know myself because am good and most of the time I do get a good grade from every Interview. Life is not easy now a days. It's not like before in my previous years with my family in Swaziland. It will be nice to also see you visit me in Ghana first and meet my family. If you get the chance to and I will be happy to take you around some historical places in Ghana. I'm very happy about this conversation we are having because it makes me feel like I have someone close to me. I don't have friends over here in Ghana. The only best friend I have now lives in Quebec, Canada studying and am even using her computer at her fathers house. That is where I always go and check some things on the Internet. I head a lot about skype but never had a try on it. I'm just new to the internet dating and all those stuffs. I will see to it and get it on the computer so that we can talk via skype. Most of the time when I watch Oprah Winfrey Show, I see how the skype works. You look great in your photos and you also have a great family. Hope someday I will get the chance to meet them. So tell me, how stable are you? What kind of a family do you want? Do you like to swim? What are your likes and dislikes? Can you fight for the future of the woman you love, because what is good for her in the future is also good for you the husband? Who do you live with? For how long have you been single? Can we share cell phone numbers so that we can most of the time send each other sms/text message and also call each other if necessary when we are not close to the computer? This questions is quiet O K for now and I will be hoping and expecting to hear back from you soon. You have a wonderful family and I hope you are having a wonderful time today. I'm going to write you a short mail about me and e-mail it to you shortly. Have a nice day and stay blessed. Yours, Sishayi

Status of report:  is still without proof

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