Scam report about Linda Myers

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Myers
Age:  31
Location:  Accra, Gahna
On websites:
Report:  Linda starts out by contacting you wanting to chat. She presented herself as an American from Austin Texas, now living in Ghana. The first impression is that she seems like a decent churchgoing pure girl, just looking for an honest good man to be with. She claimed to be betrayed and also beaten by her previous men. Then, after just a short while of chatting, shes starting to move suspiciously fast. She was sending me pictures even before I asked for it. She seriously talks about having a life together before knowing anything about you. This was before she even had seen a picture of me. She wants you to close your dating site account and move to Yahoo or Hotmail messenger services. She starts to insist on exchanging phone numbers, get your exact birth date and going on web cam. (Web cam chatting services often requires your phone number.) Birth dates and phone numbers etc is typical information needed to do frauds. If you held this information back, she will just keep on insisting, blaming you for not trusting her. This is even so if you havent accused her for being faking at all. At first you got the impression of a girl being charmingly nave trusting and immature. Then you start thinking shes just dumb, and feeling a bit sorry for her. Then I realized much of this was a bit too strange to be true. Her English various very much, indicating she can be different persons working on you. Too many things just didnt add up. Then I started searching on scammer sites. Guess who popped up on this and other sites? Linda Myers, Gahna. With people telling a quite similar story as mine is. She hasnt got around to asking me for money yet, but she probably will soon. Im planning to play along for a while just of curiousity. Dont let her charming nave and trusting character fool you. Thats just her style. This woman is probably very clever.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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