Scam report about Mandy Mamoud

First name:  Mandy
Last name:  Mamoud
Aka:  Wahyu Mingler, Wahyu Highgain, Wahyu Ordoth M.
Age:  32
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Phone:  233243984568
On websites:  desktopdating, yahoo IM
Report:  Using pics of a porn star... Email IP address is from Accra,Ghana........... cell phone: 233243984568.... Male scammer posing as a female.... or female scammer also posing as a male... don't know which Using the tool from spokeo, the Email address is linked to following 2 websites:........ foursquare using name of Wahyu 'Ordoth' M. (male) from Jakarta, Indonesia.... Facebook using name Wahyu Highgain (male).... After only 2nd chat was aqsking for money for phone minutes, then was asking to go to website and fill her phone with $20 credits, then begged for me to double the amount. Played a recorded video, saying it was her live, but found excuses or ignored my request to have her stand up, smile, blow kiss. Says would do that after I added the credits to the phone and would have a suprise for me...... Her/His Story:... I am only 32years Of age a single lady with No kids I am the only child Of my parents I was born and breed In the State, Houston Of Texas to be precise I was very young when my father died so I had to move here In Ghana 3 years ago where I live with My Mum, Though I miss the comfort Of my Dad I love my mum very much Cos she is the reason I am alive today I owe her much gratitude as much as I owe God..... I am very hard working and I own my own shop here In Ghana ( saloon ) where I have five workers under me.......

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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