Scam report about KATYA LESENINA

First name:  KATYA
Last name:  LESENINA
Age:  26
On websites:  YES
Report:  Hi, my dear Luca! Your letters make me happy, I like it, and I would like community You, my dear Luca! We understand each other through letters rather enough, and I think, as we understand each other when they meet. My dear, I feel so happy when I receive your letters. I am pleased that we feel with each other through letters. And I want to feel you in reality as ASAP! Dear, I think about you a lot of time. I think about you all day and I dream about you all night. Last night I had Dream about you, about us. After this dream, I realized that you're a person Who can support me. And with you I will uphold and I will feel comfortable. Honey, I want to tell you about this dream. We balloon! We fly around the world! I saw the beauty of our planet, and I saw in his eyes that you are happy with me! Honey is sometimes in my We dream of landing on to eat something and rest. One time when we land near the woodlands. After lunch, we go into the woods. We were Only, only you, me, three, and I think the birds and animals. We enjoy silence and the fresh smell of the forest around us. You take me by the hand and look at my eyes. I saw in your eyes that you love me, and I felt that My heart tried to get out of my chest! At this point, I started I kiss you, we kissed for a long time and after you hold me, I feel your hands, your breath on my neck. I felt your passion Luca and I woke up with a very nice warm feeling inside. Today, I mean, my dream, and about you in this dream. I felt your passion, and I realized that I want to feel his passion in real life! I hope you hold me, and we will have a lot of good times in bed. I am telling you this because I feel I want you! I want to be with you in bed, feel the breath and the language on my body. I do not know what you think about it, but It is my desire. And I want to hear your opinion on this matter. Now I know I can travel with you everywhere, and everything will be okay because I hope that you and I know that you can always support me. My favorite, I with my mom looking for a good travel agency the day. Today, we have found best travel agency. My mom has always been a manager caviling travel agency. He answered all her questions. She told me that it Travel agency better. I trust her so I decided to use this travel agency. Now I know that it's not so hard to get a visa and passport. It will not take so much time. My favorite, I Also looked at the price list. So I figured it would be difficult to pay for it, I'm crying, I can not pay. It was a shock to me, and I started to cry. My Mom said I should not cry because tears will not help to find solution! You know what I always say what I think, therefore I am I want to ask your assistance in travel costs to you, please, darling Luca, can you help me with the cost of travel to you! I will be grateful it and then I realize that your words are not just words. My Honey, if you are ready to help you should contact your travel agent that we found. Also you need write to travel agency airport from which you can pick up me. My lovely here their email address is Also you can see their web site: www. I am waiting for you answer, my darling, with the beat of my heart. I miss about you. You should ask them about exactly the price list and method of payment. My full name Katya Lesenina. In addition, you must write to the travel agency the airport from which you can pick me up. The answer, my dear, with a heartbeat. I miss about you. Kiss passionately, Your beautiful Katya

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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