Scam report about Aleksandra 

First name:  Aleksandra
Aka:  Anastasia Udina
Age:  30
Location:  Buzuluk, Russia
Address:  7th microdistrict Krasnogvardejsky St. Orenburg region Buzulusky area Buzuluk index 461047
Report:  This scammer contacted me out of the clear blue sky saying she read my profile and wanted to talk to me. She made it clear that I was to be single or don't write. She seemed sincere even though I knew she was lying and would'nt reveal the website she found my profile on. She progressed very quickly from friendship to undying love for me in less than a month. She also said she kisses my photo every night before she goes to sleep. The funny part is I never sent her a photo of me. She is asking money from me to pay her airline tickets. I'm waiting for more information she is suppossed to send to me on where to wire the money. I'm trying to find out what travel agency she is using and a contact point from them. She is almost convincing but, still falls short of being a good and convincing scammer. She is definately not as attractive as she claims to be either.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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