Scam report about DEBBIE SHAJI

First name:  DEBBIE
Last name:  SHAJI
Age:  AROUND 68 or so
Address:  DIRECTOR GENERAL: Dr. Thiornan Coulibally,BANQUE REGIONALE DE SOLIDARITE Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Phone:  00225 6754 8712
On websites:
Report:  Hello, please find below the type of email I receive with photos of the so called woman in hospital now! The bank has explained the need for funds to use for the terrorist protection or something, here is where the transfer of funds is coming in......This woman is supposedly now in hospital and any minute now will die...I am the person who will receive the inheritance of hers.. Dear Patricia Luck, Calvary greetings to you in the matchless name of our LORD. I hope all is well with you and other members of your family. To the Glory of God, I have procured the Affidavit today from the Ministry of justice. I want to remind you again that this fund will be under your control towards humanitarian and charity services including the propagation of the gospel. The Affidavit declaration is in your name which is legally and officially noted. I am trusting you to channel this fund accordingly. I have attached the Affidavit and also a copy of the certificate of deposit of this fund. Please confirm the receipt immediately, and I beg you to keep these documents very very confidential. You have now been officially and legally known as the next of kin and new beneficiary to this fund. A copy will also be forwarded to the BANQUE REGIONALE DE SOLIDARITE according to the officer of oath. One more thing, please Patricia Luck, do not involve an unbeliever or bad people during and after this transaction as i was strictly warned about that by my late husband and i do not want to disobey him not even now that he is no more.You have to contact the Bank Director immediately and instruct them for the transfer of this money to your account.You will also give them your bank account of where you want the money to be transferred. I want this money to be tranfererd to you as soon as possible now that i am still alive so that we can share the joy together. Once again my dear Patricia Luck, keep unbelievers away from this divine project as i told you earlier. Here is the contact address address of the bank: DIRECTOR GENERAL: Dr. Thiornan Coulibally BANQUE REGIONALE DE SOLIDARITE Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire Tel: 00225 6754 8712 E-mail: Or You have to contact him as soon as possible and give him your direct phone number, always give me informations and always remember me in your daily prayers.You can also call him on phone. I will be having my second medical dialysis operation by Wednesday this week being 20st of September 2011 and it will take me a week stay in the hospital according to my doctor, so i have given MISS TINA NGESE, the good sister who use to help me, your Email address so that she can be writing to you and inform you about my health condition because i will not have access to write you mails until when i will be back from the hospital by next week. I want you and other members of your family to be praying for me so that this second medical dialysis operation will be successful because the first one i underwent was too painful and the bleeding was too much, so i want this second one to go successful. Please i need your constant prayers because since after my first medical operation, my sickness became worst, even I cannot breathe well due to weakness of my lungs. Because of this difficulty in breathing, my doctor has recommended hand carry oxygen for me. Even as I am talking to you now, I am supporting my breathing with oxygen. I cannot move around very easily, it is a good sister who helps me to do every thing. Open the two photos in this message to see my critical poor health condition under the support of oxygen. May God give you more wisdom to handle this divine project in jesus mighty name i pray, AMEN. Your Sister in the LORD, Mrs. Debbie Shaji. Note:In case of any question by the bank, remember this fund was deposited by my Late husband, Mr. Allen Shaji, from Republic of Kuwait. Date of deposit: 12/02/2001 Account No: BRS-CI-018942819 Type of Account: General Trust Account. Amount: US$2.500,000.00. PhotosDownload All AFFIDAVIT OF OATH.jpg CERTIFICAT DE DPT DEBBIE SHAJI.jpg My Photo 1.jpg My Photo 2.jpg

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