Scam report about Lyubow Shkharuppa

First name:  Lyubow
Last name:  Shkharuppa
Age:  25 DOB 17 sentyarbya 1985
Location:  Archangelsk Russia
Address:  17 Gagarin Street apartment 8 Archangelsk Russia Zip 163 000
On websites:
Report:  Letter Attach below are only a few I recived from Lyubow. But I have found her on another Scamming Report site. Letter were from 30 Aug 2011 to 13 Sept 2011. I think she is very new at this as She answer e-mail directly as other scammers do not answer direct Question. I have about 30 Photo from her & well some are very Hot & Sexy. Taken by her X female lover. So she could be the couch for all this. I could be wrong about her, So just play it safe. Sounds like a good Kid. But then again they all do. I'm Lubov, I have not contacted you before. I found you on, hope you interested. But I would like to get to know you, and maybe develop friendly contacts in future and possibly a litle more than that, time will tell. I am looking for my other half, and my friends consider me to be very friendly and beautiful. I am a teacher in an Elementary school and I like my work because I love children. If you like my photo, and the information about me I wrote in this small E-mail, I would welcome a reply by return E-mail. my email: In the next letter I will send to you more photo that you can see better me. Also I will be grateful, if with your answer will send a photo. See you, Lubov. Letter about Western Union Hello, my sweet tiger,! Regardless of your decision, I am pleased to see your new letter. You're always in my heart, my thoughts. You occupy first place in my life. Now, I'll try to explain to you in more detail, what is my problem. In fact, it's not that difficult, but without solving the problem, I just did not let out of Russia. We live in different countries, we are separated by different languages, different laws, different traditions. I hope I can find the right words to explain the essence of the problem. Need to address this issue urgently, because before my departure is a bit of time. With your permission, I'll start. As many people in our country - Russia, the mind can not understand why, as everything always warned in the last minute. The whole problem is that I have an apartment for utility debts - unpaid bills for water, gas, electricity and so on. Citizens who do not pay debts to government agencies, have no right to travel outside Russia until such time as not to pay the debt in respect of 100. The amount of my debt is 11 500 rubles (about EUR 295). In my purse was 100 euros, which I saved up pocket money. I had to pay 100 euros for the debt. But now, I'm still obliged to pay 195 euros, otherwise I just would not be allowed out of Russia. This law was passed in our country recently due to the fact that many citizens went abroad and left a huge, unpaid bills. Therefore, the utilities had to wait a long time, while citizens can not go back. I tried to find money in Moscow, but here I have no friends and even acquaintances. I tried to ask for money from the internship program, but authorized agents told me that, to their great regret, they do not engage in personal benefit to the citizens, but do pay only those conditions that were included in the contract. Therefore, the issue I must decide. I'm extremely upset, I do not know what to do. I have no way out of this terrible situation. My prince, you're my only hope for your help! Now only depends on you our joint future. I am sure will return to you this amount of money as soon as I get first paycheck in your country, but first I need to fly from Russia. As I told you earlier, the first salary I pay within 2-3 days after I lie down in your country. I hope for your understanding, trust and support. I am sure that we will not be a barrier 195 euros and you can help me. I want to make all our sexual dreams. Hurry, my angel, Peter. The faster you can help me, the faster I can fly to your country. It is very difficult to find suitable words, my prince. Please do not ask me no questions, now I'm just asking you to help me as soon as possible. I'm so afraid to lose you. I hope you'll help me, I'm sure. My passionate tiger, I learned that there is a system Western Union. This system is the safest, easiest and fastest way to transfer money. This is exactly what we need now. At the end of this letter, I will give you all the information necessary for the transfer of money. In order for you to make it easier to find the nearest Western Union in your city, I give you a link to the official website - Please, after transferring money, do not forget to tell me the code (MTCN), as well as your personal data (name, which you will specify in the blank). I'm really very sorry to have to ask for your help, but I have no other choice. You're the only family and friends for me, someone who can help me now. Please do not forget that I'll give you 195 Euros from my salary, I'll get in your country. I'm sure you will not leave me in this difficult situation - you are kind, gentle and caring man. We are made for each other and the money is just paper, for which you can not buy true love and feelings. Much more important than spiritual wealth of the person. I want to feel your dick in me resilient. I want you to come into my ass. I have never had anal experience. You're the first who will be able to go there. I'm sure we both enjoy. Now, my pussy is wet from the thought that soon I'll be in your arms and be able to embrace your dick with my lips. You love deep throating? I can swallow your dick whole, mmmmmmm, my tiger, I'm looking forward to this moment. But without your help all our dreams will never become a reality. Please do not look at me a man who pursues only personal benefit. I try to only two of us, and you need very much to me. The most important thing that you had a desire to help me. We will be able to jump over all obstacles together. Come on, we will be next to each other and make the most beautiful things in this world together, taking each other's hands. I hope your new mail waiting for me, as soon as possible. The most passionate and sweet kisses to you my tiger! Your little pussy from Russia Lyubow!!! P.S. As I promised you, I tell you my personal details that are required to transfer money via Western Union: Country - Russia; City - Archangelsk; Zip - 163 000; Gagarin Street 17 apartment 8; Complete data - Lyubow Shkharuppa; Letter Stating She is a Dentist & going to study after Governmemt Grant in your Country But dose not tell you what Country. Hello my dear ! I'm extremely pleased that we continue our conversation. The most important thing is that I am very easy and interesting to talk with you. I think it's important criteria for true friendship and love even more. Thanks for a great photo, very beautiful horse. I think the horse is the most wonderful animals that God created! In my last letter, you probably do not understand my words about the trip to your country. I'll try to explain you all the details about it today. Please read my letter very carefully. Perhaps because of the language barrier that separates us, what are you then can not understand, but I very much hope that we will find common ground. As you know, I'm a dentist at the university in our city. I am one of the best students of our University. I am a very responsible attitude to my studies, so I have a great chance for a gold medal at graduation. Only once in five years, among all Russian students played grants to the opportunity to travel abroad for training (training in the specialty). Luck smiled at me, and I got the opportunity. My joy knew no bounds. Of course, I had to try, because I have to not only learn, but also to work. I promised myself that this grant must win, and I reached my goal. In front of me opened up enormous possibilities - I received a grant for an internship in your country. Your country is chosen for a reason. Dentistry in your country is one of the best and highest paid professions in the world, compared with Russia. For example, in Russia, called the sadistic dentist, and even tooth fairies. Probably due to poor maintenance. And the very first dentist in Russia, was a cruel king - Ivan the Terrible, who tore his teeth means at hand to the poor peasants. If you are interested, you can find this information in Wikipedia, or just visiting the search engine Google. I would like to change the opinions of our citizens and qualified to become a real doctor. I am confident that with your specialists, I must succeed. Job dentist is very important, therefore, the minimum term internship is 6 months. During this time I can get a huge

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