Scam report about Catherine Lorezo

First name:  Catherine
Last name:  Lorezo
Aka:  Raine Catrell Cruise (rainwatch)
Age:  22
Location:  Angeles, Philippines
On websites:, stepsapart, facebook
Report:  This woman approaches american citizens through dating websites. She begins by playing innocent, then telling them how hard her life is in Philippines. Pretty soon she begins asking for small amounts of money to enroll in a class somewhere or pay off a bill. Then, one day she argues that she's lost her job because she was chatting/texting with you while at work, and asks that you help her out with money for bills, rent and other expenses. In less than 2 months, I have given her $1000 already in money and material gifts. When this woman learned that I wasn't yet completely divorced and that my wife was seeking reconciliation, she quickly contacted my wife and asked that she sent her $800 in order to leave me alone, all that while still trying to contact me to ask for more money from me.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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