Scam report about Chantelle Rich

First name:  Chantelle
Last name:  Rich
Age:  22
Location:  Akron Ohio,SanDiego Calfornia
On websites:  xxxmach
Report:  She is good at what she does.She will tell you she loves you.Then she will ask you for $350 if you pay that she will ask for more.And she will ask you to send it to her contact in the Philppines.You ask her if you can meet she will say not untell you pay my contact.If you ask her where she lives she will say real close to you.So I did some cheking and all I Could come up with is Akron,SanDiego.If you ask her if you can call her she will no you cant untill you pay my contact first.I have been chating with her for two weeks.And I keep asking her if we can meet and she says not tell you pay my contact.I sent her $650 oops.She will ask you for one more payment of $500 And after that she will tell you we can meet.Well I told her I cant do that there is no way.Then she is gone and you never here from her agian.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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