Scam report about Susan Lewis

First name:  Susan
Last name:  Lewis
Age:  30
Location:  Nigeria Lagos
On websites:  Myspace and Yahoo
Report:  Jul 07 10:47 PM Lewis Susan:Ok am sorry Jul 07 10:47 PM Lewis Susan: Jul 07 10:54 PM k:You want money right. Jul 07 10:54 PM Lewis Susan:Yeah I wanna live the this country pls help me Jul 07 10:55 PM k:Where are you? Jul 07 10:56 PM Lewis Susan:Am still in nigeria I need money tto come back to the state pls Jul 07 10:58 PM k:What are you doing in nigeria? and who in this world can I trust. Jul 07 11:00 PM Lewis Susan:Pls I told you allready I won a jackport in niggeria two month aggo so have not been pay ttill I gett back to tthe sttate pls Jul 07 11:04 PM Josh Womack:Why on gods earth should I believe that one ? Re you serious Ive heard it all.What do you think I'm rich or somthing / Jul 07 11:06 PM Lewis Susan:Just help me with anything as soon as I leave here I will come to your place before going home(C.A) pls Jul 07 11:09 PM Lewis Susan: Jul 07 11:12 PM k:What is going on there that you have to get out so bad? Jul 07 11:14 PM Lewis Susan:Am tired of this country I need to leave after all I have finish my job pls just help me

Status of report:  is still without proof

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