Scam report about sherri adeola

First name:  sherri
Last name:  adeola
Aka:  honestysinglerosemary
Age:  27
Location:  from ca. in nigeria
Email: and
On websites:  zoosk dating site
Report:  She sent a message on zoosk, then immediately, sent me an e mail to my yahoo and quit zoosk, said i was her soul mate, sent her e mail back saying ide like to meet her,(gorgeous blonde) not far from me sure ill take a chance, 2 days later she/he? sends me email saying shes lost her mom, dad died, shes taking care of granny, will be back to the state soon, wants me to date her exclusivly on line,to quit all my date sites,and witch ones am i using,gave her my phone# so she could call me, then i get email under another account telling me she cant call me because her phone was stold by house robbers, then asks me if im ready to answer her list of relationship questions, so i answered them with a question of my own,are you going to ask me for money to come to the states or some other reasons, im not stupid and im not funding some war or whatever,im not sending money to someone ive never met that calls me baby, Baby!! she got upset with me told me or asked me if i were deceiving her is she waisting her time on me, how could i be so mean and uncaring,

Status of report:  is still without proof

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