Scam report about Cynthia Bullock

First name:  Cynthia
Last name:  Bullock
Age:  29
Location:  USA
On websites:  POF
Report:  She asked me to message her on her personal email and said she was looking for true love etc. Within a very short amount of emails she was telling me how much she was in love with me and all of the usual stuff and was telling me that she was taking a computer course in Istanbul Turkey and would be home soon and that's when we would meet. She told me I was the one for her and there could be no one else from now on. So while chatting with her I did an IP address check on where the messages were coming from and found they were comming from Sunnyvale California and I questioned her on that and she said it's where she lives in the US but she was in Turkey right at that time. So I created a false hotmail account and messaged her with my new ID. I told her I had seen her profile online and wanted to chat with her and she got slightly irritated and said SHE was the one who messaged me. She then told me that she was an event planner and that's why she was in Turkey at that time. Then I said I would be down in the US in about a month and would she want to meet, she said that she would really like that and if everything went well she would come up to Canada to meet me. At the same time I was talking to her on a Yahoo account and she was assuring me that I was the only one for her and that she loved me. So, of course I called her bluff and told her I was onto her little scam and how pathetic she was and that she would get no money out of me with her little scam. Then I did a reverse look up of her photo and found that someone else had reported her as well. I expected her to be asking me for money to get home from Turkey within a few days. She tried to say no she was only talking to her sister online and that she had told me before she was an event planner but I still had the other conversation open from hotmail and both things she had said to the other account. I let her know that when you weave lies it's hard to keep which ones in your head that you told to certain people. That's why when she responded she always replied making the emails starting to get quite lengthy and that's why I started making new ones that she could not go back and refer too. She didn't take the time to go back to the other mails and just responded to questions sometimes giving different answers and sometimes not answering the questions at all.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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