Scam report about Mary Brown

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Brown
Aka:  Mary Helen Brown
Age:  30
Location:  UK London
Email:  mary brown []
On websites:  absolute agency
Report:  Mary sends pictures of a beautiful mixed race woman whos parents are dead and claims she has a grandmother in Marretta Georgia which was the draw for me because that is near where I live. When you first meet her she will claim to have just moved back to Uk from Georgia, After she falls in love with you she will ask for help buying a ticket back to the US to visit her grandmother and be with you. She will claim to have bought part of the ticket but needs your help to pay for the rest of it. After the ticket is bought she will send the documentation where she really bought the ticket with the option for a refund for flight cancellation. Before that there is usually some incident whereby she will have her passport stolen and will ask for money to replace it. After she gets the ticket all all paid for she will claim to get a letter from the British Ministry of Aviation (no such ministry in UK) and they will tell her she needs a basic travel allowance before she can board the plane to the US. She will also produce a fake document explaining the BTA. (the document is obviously a fake, bad grammar and spelling) .She will send you a picture of her American passport that looks very conviencing. Then of course when she doesnt come it is all your fault because you did not send the BTA.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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