Scam report about Kseniya 

First name:  Kseniya
Age:  28
Location:  Russia
On websites:!info
Report:  Hi my love! Your letter gives me a lot of energy! When I read it, my heart is beating strongly in my breast! We have very good weather and bright sunshine. In this weather I always excellent mood. Today I got up as the morning thinking about you. All my thoughts are of you. I love you! It means a lot to me! This - my essence, it is - my life and my dreams! I never felt this before! Love - a wonderful feeling! When two people to each other very much loved. Often there is a problem in our love for example parah.U a huge problem for our love - the distance between us. But when the problems are solved, the love is even stronger! My dear to you, I got acquainted with a man. It was not long history. We talked for about a month and I realized that he fell in love with me, but I have not seen him in a man with whom I wanted to be. It did for me this site, it was about 4 months ago. To make an impression. But I had no feelings for him. I tried to talk to him, that we do not succeed, but he would not listen, he started telling me that I loved going with him, began to behave rudely, saying that he would not allow any man to me. I even had to change my email address, because I began to fear him. So ended our conversation. You came along and I did not need anybody. I want to be with you, I say this sincerely from my heart. Darling I'll be able to take leave in a week and I plan to leave early to come to you. I have already started the paperwork and apply for a visa. That gave me a rough trip in the travel agency. from Moscow October 10 12:15 Domodedovo a / p in Frankfurt, October 10 13:35 Frankfurt Intl transplant Frankfurt from Frankfurt October 10 23:50 Frankfurt Intl in Sydney October 12 6:10 Sydney Kingsford Smith Arpt Sydney transplant of Sydney October 12 8:20 Sydney Kingsford Smith Arpt Adelaide October 12 10:00 Adelaide Arpt Loved you agree that I was coming to you this flight? If you agree, I will continue preparing for the journey, after the payment will give me tickets and I'll write you in detail all of the data (flight time, flight number, arrival time), so you can meet me at the airport. I told you that I find it hard to pay for everything herself, and I do not have to pay 680 U.S. dollars. Can you send me this amount for payment to our meeting place? My colleagues at work do not recognize me! I found love and happiness! I found you, my ____!!!! I believe that soon we'll be together! We'll live together! It - a great honor for me to have you close to me! I also talked with my mom, she sends you a big hello. She is very happy for both of us. I was very pleased to hear such words from my mom. I look forward to good news from you! I love you! ____ + Kseniya = LOVE !!!!!

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