Scam report about EUNICE MENSAH

First name:  EUNICE
Last name:  MENSAH
Aka:  GOD TIME IS THE BEST Sweetheart
Age:  33
Location:  GHANA
On websites:  eunicebaby675 on
Report:  Hello my dear how are you and how is everything going on there in your country?I have been home all alone thinking about you and what mum told me concerning the death of my dad and the testament will which he left.I was informed by my mum that father worked in the minning company here in Ghana and as a result of that he died in the site when there was something she called underground rock blasting.My mum told me that father left and amount of funds in the Stanbic Bank Vault which i am entitled to inherit when am old and off age to choose the right man which am going to spend the rest of my life with.Thinking about you and the wonderful way we met on this internet makes me know that there are sever always which The Almighty God brings two different hearts together... I joined this internet dating as a result of me listening to my friend who is now living with her fiancee to see if am also lucky as her and i now got you.I always feel happy and glad i agreed to your proposal and i am now into this dating relationship with you.My dear i am now being asked by my mum to let you know if you are will and ready to help me get this funds transferred to you there in your country so that we can use it to better our life and the life of our future kid s when i am there with you.My love please let me know if you are going to do that for me so that i can go to the family lawyer to take his address for us to contact him through the internet.Hope to hear from you my love and i hope you are going to do this for me ----------- sweetheart I want my kids to grow up loving their parents and grandparents. But to find their own destiny and what God has in store for them. I dont want to dictate their lives but i do want to mould them and direct them in the ways of the Lord. ----------- sweetheart Sex is important. Love is outside and inside the bedroom. New things in bed help strengthen and renew the relationship. You make me feel your sexual desire with your eyes, and it usually takes only a few seconds. I love when you look at me in the right way, when you gently put your hand in my hair. I like those kisses with closed mouth, like in the movies. They are like a preliminary, and make me thirsty for what is going to follow ----------- OKAY WEETHEART TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF for me okay ---------- p.s.: she is working on Y!Messenger with someone named elizaberth mongya teng

Status of report:  is still without proof

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