Scam report about TIFFANY MCJOHN

First name:  TIFFANY
Last name:  MCJOHN
Age:  26
On websites:  yahoo--zoosks----facebook
Report:  i have been talking 2 tiffany 4 about 10 months i have all together sent her 6,000.00 to get home tells one lie after another these people need stoped its not really about the money 2 me its the lies the hurt the ruthless of it to use love and god 2 still money the best lie yeat lol and there is a bunch of them was she was comeing home i whent 2 airport 2 pick her up no tiff she got stuck in amsterdam they wouldnt leat her come here she needed more documents lol i was very upset delta klm said she never paid 4 her ticket never got on that flight she swears she did and if she cant come up with the document in 24 hours they are going 2 send her back no such thing i have all the prove u need messages e-mails western union were i sent her money i paid 4 well was supose to haaaa her passport 350.00 witch here is only 140.00 for 10 years haaa medicals btm,s i think thats it baught her cell phone,s not phones she been robbed 3 times lol she needs put away were can not hurt people like this my daughter was really upset ill make it but i will say i did care but the head games the lies and the ruthless of it much less being stupid but i beleaved her oh was she god i guess been doing this a long time look at the pics sandra willams tiffany mcjohn there is more 2 john mcman linda lola marry and mike wow did i get my self in a mess please help me stop these people

Status of report:  is still without proof

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