Scam report about Kim Reiff

First name:  Kim
Last name:  Reiff
Aka:  Rain
Age:  31
Location:  Plymouth,England and all over
Phone:  011447024016252
On websites:  Xdating,DateMach,Amatuer Match, My Space, Facebook,Metrodate.Mate1
Report:  She approached me thru my email account. She said a friend gave it to her when questioned who the friend was she could not answer. She asks me if I can help her get funds from her fathers estate. She wants to wire me money and then I send it to her. I tell her that I can not do this. A couple of weeks pass and she tells me that she has sent the money to my LOC at the bank. When questioned how she got this information she said I gave it to her. Which I would not give personal information out to anyone. She wired 35K to my bank LOC I imeediately called my bank to report this fraud and an investigation has pursued with the bank and authorities. This person is believed to be a man known as Tokunbo Sodeinde and works for a company that hits people on websites specificallly to scam them. Being I have a public Profile she probably got contact info from there. They then proceeded to wire another 20K to my account while the 35K was pending. The money was all returned to where it came from but I endured threatening phone calls. I have stayed in touch with her at the request of Authorities but she has gotten no money from other than the money that the bank has charged me to close out the LOC and open new one. Now she is claiming to need money for attorneys because someone has stolen her identy. But I am not sending!! She sends out pictures of a blond and also pictures Of Raven Riley the porn star. It is belived to be a ring of people that do this as scammers. I have Ip addreses all the pictures sent to me over the last 6 months. I also have documents that were sent to me pertaing to her fathers estate and would love to add her to this site to protect others from there nonsense. Please contact me

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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