First name: Tamicha
Last name: Bells
Age: 31
Location: Richmond CA USA
Address: 214/1207 Melville Sq
Phone: 12623738146
On websites: Christian web sites
Report:     Tamicha Bells 13/07/1980 will contact Christian men through internet sites and she talks the Christian talk and very convincing and after a short period of time ask for money through western union (Tamicha Bells Richmond) as her internet is cut off and she is at he fiends house using her internet to talk. She claims to have just finished her Nursing Course through UCLA Oct 11 (UCLA had no record of her). When asked she claimed her testing was done at UCLA and the course was run through CPR. From USA she targeted Australian men as she already has a ETA (entry visa) which she will supply the passport number 200167309 and ETA number 16907883 as she was coming to Australia to visit a friend in Perth but her friends husband got sick and could not travel. She then wants to come to Australia to visit the man and will offer to pay some of the fare which is unusual as she is broke. Once the money for the fare is sent to Bells a booking is made and the email is sent to the man with the itinerary and all looks goods. She is very quick to book the flight even claiming she borrowed the money from a friend to make the booking and urgently needed your money to pay the friend back. This booking is made with a local friend starting a business called Dembal Travels. Earnest Smith. Her next move is to request money to get into the country as it is expected that you bring enough money into the country to support your time i.e, 3 months looking at $5000 AUD. Bells will not take calls from her cell phone 12623738146 which turns out to be a land line from Wisconsin. She claims to not have international dialing but the calls go to message bank and she will acknowledge your call when talking to here on the internet. She claims to live at 214, 1207 Melville Sq Richmond. She claims to have an old web cam that only works on occasions but when talking to her on Yahoo Messenger the video connection disconnects. For a Christian the first few seconds of bad web cam she was lying on a bed in black underwear. Bells has no trace on the internet and when asked for passport, nursing verification, she is very defensive. She advised that she lives in a one bedroom apt but the search on her unit number advises it is 2 bedroom unit. Bells did supply a passport after questioning which looked valid. She is very defensive when asked for some confirmation on her life. The travel arrangements are booked with a credit card but the booking is never ticketed or paid for. When asked for a refund Bells claims she does not care about the money and you take it up with the airline knowing that the booking is never paid for.
Status of report: is still without proof