Scam report about Yuliya 

First name:  Yuliya
Age:  29
Location:  Kazan
Report:  Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it. I > am very glad that you understand me as the friend, it is very pleasant > to me. I can entrust you the most important and secret thoughts. But I > very much want, that in the future our friendship became more than > friendship. I want, that our relations developed to the best and we > could be happy. I am really very happy that after my holiday I will > become the surgeon. I long aspired to it and I can not believe that my > dreams become real. I yet have not decided that I will do during my > holiday. But I know that I very much would like to spend this time > with you. I understand that I am possible too early about it I speak, > but it is truth. I think every day of us together and I represent our > meeting in the future. You became very dear to me and I have the big > desire to develop our friendship. Honey, you know, yesterday when I > was online and when I was thinking about you :) Ive seen that story, > that I would like to share with you. I hope you will like it, tell me > your opinion on that, ok? Here it is: Whenever it rains, it is a very > spectacular sight to behold. It can be a mild shower, a fierce > thunderstorm, a light drizzle or even a display of lightning amidst a > backdrop of scenic landscape, but all that I ask for is that when it > rains, I want you to be by my side to admire and take in the beauty of > life - water. An essential element that has kept us alive to this very > day to continue being in love. Whenever raindrops fall from the sky, > big or small, I can be assured that heaven is tearing for the sins of > this world. And with every single tear comes drops of forgiveness and > it is this act of forgiving that enables the human race to sustain an > existence on this living hell and it is this forgiveness that gave > rise to love which is the biggest forgiver of all. Watching the rain > with you is like a very special ritual. When two minds are deep in > thoughts, when two hearts are deep in love, when two people are not > speaking but just enjoying the silence of the moment save the thoughts > of heaven raining upon green pastures in front of us, we are able to > hear each other better. We are able to think more about each other, > care more for each other. Like a hand across your shoulders, a gentle > massage on the neck, a kiss on the cheek or just the thoughts of each > other. Every time when it rains, I feel so warm both physically and > emotionally. You will be there with me, holding me tight, feeling the > rain splattering against our faces, huddling on to each other for > warmth when we hug and kiss in the rain. It is such sheer > rejuvenation, experiencing what it is like to be refreshed and free > from all burdens and worries, just being with the girl I love, in the > rain. The chill of the wind might sear through my heart, the sky might > be all gloomy and dark but I am sure that there will always be a > rainbow after the rain. It will be a beautiful sight to appreciate in > awe as the ray of seven colors stretches from horizon to horizon > making it the most majestic view from afar. The warmth of the sun as > it re-emerges, the chirping of the bird as they start to feed, the > swaying of the tress in the gentle breeze are all but part of the > picturesque scenery with us standing in the foreground, completing the > picture, just like you complete me, feeling every single gap in my > heart just like water filling up an empty glass till it overflows, > with your love. The rainbow way above us, coupled with the landscape > we are part of is our world of beauty but the greatest beauty of all > is the one I will only ever love, standing beside me, with me. That > will be you. This very special moment in time spent and shared > together is liken to a celebration of our love that is everlasting and > eternal, tried but true, encapsulated in the purest form of patience, > kindness, understanding, concern, respect, trust and faith in our > hearts forever... I hope you liked it, David. This story made me think > about you, hun :) I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking > forward to your reply!!! > > With hugs and tender kisses, > > Yuliya ...

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