First name: Nancy
Last name: Bush
Age: 27
Location: NYC or London-probably Nigeria
Address: 1142 east 81st street Brooklynn
Phone: 00447045762766
On websites: Banned from Book of Matches
Report:     P1.jpgp2.jpgp3.jpgp4.jpgp5.jpgp6.jpg I'm someone who is craving for sincere love just as you and want all attention from my man open hearted and is shown in your deeds not in your words,for us to accheive a loving lasting relationship,i desire to be loved dearly,tenderly and be treated with much passion and respect,which sometimes u think i'm too demanding.But its pretty much within the woman nature.Nevertheless,if we take some time to think the matter thoroughly,men and women dont differ that much in terms of need,but rather in ways of seeking and processing those needs. To think that you and I divided by rivers and nations with all the confusions,we had only to love one another.I swear i'll give u all my love if you will be there for me without arguement and trying to be logically in all manner when we are dealing with emotions.You did drive me crazy baby,you are smart i'd rather be with u in the casino drinking beer than go shopping.I had an erotic dream and u were in it
Status of report: is still without proof