First name: Stephine
Last name: Brain
Age: 30
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report:     After solving a Puzzle in her profile that reveals an email address she responded to me with the following: Hello Alex, Good to hear from you, i believe all is well with you today and you are having a good morning. Am sorry it took me a while to write and am so happy you solved my puzzle and sent me a mail even though it came with few words, am pleased you are interested in me and want to know more about me which interest me.. i will tell you a little about me and my intentions doing this online dating thing which am new to . I was born in King of Prussia ( PA ) and left when i was 4years due to my parents divorce i went with my mom and lived in canada . My mother was a missionary and traveled a lot, i could not live with her due to her travels as a missionary, i left canada to be with my dad in Uk while in uk my mother fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer so i came to King of Prussia to be with her before she passed away after her death i had to go back to london to finish my education living with my dad. 2 year ago my dad was killed in a car accident which left me lonely and bitter at this time my boyfriend and i had gone our separate ways so i voluntary joined the ministry to be a missionary . A few months ago i was deployed from london to Nigeria , Africa. This deployment is due to my soon retirement from missionary work. This is my last project after which am given my retirement package and benefit then i can be on my way back to King of Prussia, london or anywhere i find right to go which depends on what i have (my man), but for now am still here in nigeria and have a period of 1 at most 2 weeks before my retirement will be approved, i really cant say where am heading back to for now but pray for the best and will of God to happen, i will be out of here as soon as am given all benefit and retirement letter. I took after my mother to work with the ministry as a missionary to assist and work with the underprivileged, orphanages and the motherless babies. i organise seminars and lecture to make aware the existence of HIV and AIDS also do i teach how to reduce the spread and eradication of them both, i lecture on self esteem to demoralized persons too. Am so new to this online dating, am trying this with the hope it will bring to me my heart desire. i have been here for a few months and almost through with all i have to do here. I would like to go out with you for tea, brunch, dinner. I dont do coffee and am not against it, i guess we might have a date if things work out fine from here, am ready to relocate to any where my heart leads me for now we can get to know more about each other and see where this takes us, i have traveled a lot with my dad, i went to university in england also took lessons to learn french reason been i had my eyes for france, i can only write french but cant really speak, i understand when you speak the language. I dont want you to see the distance between us as a barrier getting to know each other, I believe we can get to know more about our self i also know it can be hard for the both of us with the distance thing like i said i will be out of here in a week or 2 from now. Its been hard without someone to share with, i have been lonely and alone for a long time and want to move on and be happy, I know the only way to this happiness and joy i crave for is to be fulfilled and to be fulfilled is to be in love, true and sincere love from a sincere heart. Am i asking for too much? i guess not because true love is real and out there i know. Am looking for a man with a sincere heart to give love and receive love, a man to see beyond my looks and outer beauty, a man who will take his time to know me and know all about me, a man who will teach me all i have to know about him to be perfect for him and him perfect for me. I will love this man for the rest of my life and he will love me for the rest of my life. The only fear i have in life is to have a broken home but know i can avoid this taking it slow and get to know this man to grow with him and him with me in life and love. I will like you in your next mail to tell me a little more about yourself, your likes, dislikes even your favorite food and color if you do have.Say 10years from now where do you think you will be or become, if you dont mind me asking what do you do for a living. I will like to chat with you on yahoo IM if it is ok with you, am always alone, lonely and bored when am not busy with the kids or on evangelism before going to bed i can make good use of this time to be with you online chating to know more about each other , who knows how much fun it could be chating. Here is my yahoo IM ID stepbra the same with my yahoo mail. What are looking for in a woman to live the rest of your life with, can you share this with me? I pray this mail finds you well in good health and peace. I wait to hear from you. Warm regards, Steph.
Status of report: is still without proof