Scam report about Sarah Scout

First name:  Sarah
Last name:  Scout
Age:  29 to 32
Location:  Accra,Ghana
Address:  14,Spintex rd,East Legon
Phone:  +233240753973
On websites:  was on facebook,but now her photo shows mercy lucas
Report:  i first saw a photo of a woman calling herself Sarah Scout about 3 months ago(august 2011)and she posted a comment saying how she loved the looks and things about me,(especially because i stated that i am a christian faith man)and invited me to email her to get to know each other more and sent the same photo that i saw on facebook - that photo now comes up as a woman calling herself Mercy Lucas(i only accidently found that out in this last week.)From the very first email,she began to heap loving praises on my good looks and being a christian man.In the next email she said her mobile phone was not working well and would like me to buy her one that we could video phone each other,i as a trusting naieve man sent her $260 Australian dollars(i told her i couldnt afford much more because i am on a disability pension-she said thats ok because that amount of money in Ghana terms could buy her a phone to do the video talk.Actually i told her the only way i could get the money was by putting personal expensive items into a loan shop.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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