Scam report about eugenia nelson

First name:  eugenia
Last name:  nelson
Aka:  eugenia nelson dwomoh?
Age:  36
Location:  accra
Address:  po box nt96 /po box 123 accra newtown
Phone:  as listed in profile
On websites:  yahoo messenger,afro hotmail messenger.
Report:  will send updated pictures that are most recent , claimed to be coming to the usa after sending her money for a flight ticket, 3rd police report , was jailed on charges for a false polce report that was made up , never showed up on the weekkend she was suppossed to be here in the usa as she had promised and swore on , all and any promises have been unkept and will lie to you to get more money for her need mhave not her from her in several weeks after las t money was sent to her ,claimed to be boarding a plane with a friend that claims to be living here in the usa, she wil lie to you to gain your money and will not tell you the truth at all wi,, hide everything from you .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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