Scam report about sherry helen williams

First name:  sherry helen
Last name:  williams
Aka:  sherry queenprecioud02 - queenprecious03
Age:  32
Location:  edinburgh - nigeria
Address:  no address
Phone:  no phone number
On websites:  yahoo messenger - skype -myspace
Report:  her sad history is, born in london and lost her parents in a car accident when she was only 14 years. Live and grow up with her grandma in edinburgh. She contact to me on myspace 3 years ago and she back again after bad love experience with a guy call Kelvin, Kevin from London. She been looking a man to marry and get the inheritance,because she will get it only if she be married. Suddenly she move to Nigeria and work with her lawyer G. Welch from nigeria to find an issue to make papers to touch at list a part of her inheritance 32.000 pounds. She involved me in this situation pretending to be in love with me, asking me money for the certificates to get this money. I sent to her in total around 8.000 euros. She always tell me a new lie, car accident before travel to met me, fakes report of MD hospital and fakes Police report. She said been living in a cheap hotel in Lagos and using internet cafe or from room connection. She been using cell phone but she lost two times.I sent to her a mobile phone plus webcam plus mic. She never plugged it and the pack get back to me a month later. she told me she been in touch with a local church Sister sara Holper and they help her to get back to England. She gave a fake address in Edinburgh to met her and i went to met her and she was not there. The family who lives there said this lady been using this address for long time. This lady told me she been live there before she lost everything after her sad history. The last yahoo chat was in march when she makes plan to go to brazil with her grandma to met grandma family. She sent me by DHL two fakes cheques plus another fakes cheques to someone in Ireland of amount 32.000 pounds HBSC Bank.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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