Scam report about pat sam

First name:  pat
Last name:  sam
Aka:  raven riley
Age:  30
Location:  ACCRA, gHANA
Phone:  233 545 543477
On websites:  amateurmatch, untrue
Report:  Pat emailed me in september 2011 and sent some nice photos. she has continues to play on yahoo messenger and said her internet had been cut and I must send her money. I agreed to send her $60. dollars for a cam so she would show her bpdy. well she got the cam and showed one day then said her sister broke the cam and I must send her more money for another cam. the money I sent her was to her father to: MENA SULEMAN MUSTAHPA. I thought at the time this was her real name and I still think that today. Since the money was received she has flooded me with photos of her and many carry the title of raven riley which she denies knowing. all the time pat has tressed she love me greatly and want to come help me with my life and be my lover forever and continues to flood me with photos of her body till today november 4, 2011 where she she must have $2,000 from me to keep sending her naked photos. I refused and well she has told me I'm a liar and well I told her goodbye. and yes its forever.!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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