Scam report about Sarah James

First name:  Sarah
Last name:  James
Age:  26
Location:  London, UK, Agbado, Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria, Jacksonville, Florida
Address:  Sunday Adebisi, 9 Umesor Close, Odukoya estate, Akowonjo, Lago, Nigeria 23401
On websites:  Yahoo, Yahoo Messenger
Report:  This scammer found me on an odd dating site called CandyTwist. I didn't save her initial e-mail on CandyTwist but the subject gave me her e-mail on the site and had me e-mail her on yahoo. We corresponded a few weks total every other day or so. I e-mailed her and her first letter looked like a form letter pre-written with a short questionnaire. I asked how many guys she had sent this letter to and she never answered my question. They always skirt around the tougher questions. Her next e-mail to me seemed more personalized and she explained how she was working through the Christian Fellowship of the Church of Jesus Christ. Her Mom and herself were travelling the world doing missionary work and she was poor. Her father had died and set aside millions for her to inherit once she proved she had a marriage certificate and a solid partner in her life to be a father to her children as well. She said she was in London staying in a room at the church in London. We started chatting more and the e-mails from her with photos stopped. I kept asking her which church she was staying at, is there a mailing address and phone number I could call her at. She kept ignoring my request or simply saying she doesn't have a phone at the church and no mailing address. I ended up buying her a cheap unlocked cell phone and sent it international shipping through USPS when I was still not sure if she was a scammer or not at first. I had to send it to Nigeria where she was going to be staying. Total bullshit. She was never in London. The romantic talk really amped up too after the first several e-mails saying how much she loved me blah blah blah. My bullshit meter was going off and I told her I thought she was a scammer. She insisted she was not and to forget the phone and wanted me to send her money to buy a plane ticket to see me. I told her to first get to a phone so we could talk or pick up the cell phone I mailed to her Nigerian address. She started getting upset as a way to manipulate me into going along with her. I told her I would buy her a plane ticket and she could present her passport and pick up a boarding pass. She said she couldn't do it and had to fly to Nigeria with her mother for missionary work there. Back to that story. When she had supposedly flown to Nigeria there was of course no phone or direct physical address she could give me with street numbers. I asked which church she was staying at and it was the Redemption Church in Agbado, Nigeria. I noticed alot of long pauses and

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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