Scam report about teresa julio-baca

First name:  teresa
Last name:  julio-baca
Age:  32
Location:  ogun nigeria
Email:  several hundres
On websites:  all
Report:  this woman is a complete fake have sent her over $21,930.00 she is a sick individual who says shes your wife and says how much she loves you. and is a real liar. this is been going on for 8 months, and this time i thought she was being real. no no no. lie lie lie. now i recieved a email asking me to pay money to catch her omg !!!!!! i was stupid i did i am so done its not even funny. the worst part is she had pictures of my kids and now my daughters picture is being used by them. i feel so bad but never again. found out she has 32 different names. and what ever you do dont fall for the hotel guy james !!! i am deleting my e-mail and all !!!!! thanks nigeria dont go there guys its a sickness !!!!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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