Scam report about Karina Vanessa Redroban

First name:  Karina Vanessa
Last name:  Redroban
Aka:  Karry
Age:  36..?
Location:  Quito, Ecuador
On websites:
Report:  It and I made contact at the dating site 10-7-2011 chatted there a while then moved to Yahoo I/M..over the next 2 months had email chat/relations talk ed over future together. It told of Mom with house worth big $, fixing up, X owed it $ was trying to get X to pay up, X wired $ into my account, bank claimed Fraud/Money Laundering, returned xfer to sender. It want half yesterday the rest later...IP Address: It moved to Quito to claim house from bad uncle...owed lawyer, taxes, etc....! See Attached Photos....

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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