Scam report about Vivian Butler

First name:  Vivian
Last name:  Butler
Aka:  Veronica Asante
Age:  30 - 40
Location:  (London, England) (New York, New York) (Houston, Texas)
Address:  20 London Street Paddington London W2 1HL London United Kingdom SW1AOAA
Phone:  323-80-8923, +44 790 494 3157
Report:  I was contacted through Facebook Message by someone claiming to be Vivian Butler. We communicated for around 1 month before she got around to asking me for money. Yes, correspondence was different from the start to the finish. She started out very standoffish, before she moved into romance and then finally damsel in distress. She told me she left her purse in a cab after she attended a meeting with her clients. She needed money to finish buying her goods, she needed $2,000.00 to go with the $1,500.00 she had. Vivian Butler was the name to whom the money was sent by Western Union. Then after the money was received, I was told of a vast fortune deposited in a security company in England. I was sent a

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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