Scam report about Tatyana Suncova

First name:  Tatyana
Last name:  Suncova
Aka:  Tanya
Age:  43
Location:  Mozhga City
Address:  Russia, Udmurtiya republic, Mozhga city, street Lesnaya 20, apartment 3, postal code 427790
On websites:  datingagency
Report:  Hello my dear John! I'm very happy getting your letters. I am happy that you wrote me a nice letter, which I thank God for this, that I have you, I can not imagine my life without you. I'm just like you feel it, and I'm happy in my eyes, even there are tears of pleasure, I am grateful to all the world to what I am happiest in the world, I want to write to you what are you dearest man for me and that I really want to be with you and be all up my life with you. I am telling you this because it is in my heart. I say to you as is. I was thinking about you. So I wanted to write to you again. True - I think about you every day. Never may I tell you that this is primarily so awful does so now. There is no day passes, I do not think you are. I think about you every day. I miss you and I - pity me, it is no longer with you, but I very much hope that we can to be together very soon. I am happy from this that I have you. When I receive a letter from you to me to be very good, and I understand it even more what you are to me. Also means that much, I just want to be with you. I know it very pleasant for me to receive your letter with great pleasure reading all your letters. And I'm on my man and always have a smile when I look at your picture me even more, it becomes good, as you can not be given all this, I'm happy because I really want to be with you and spend the most wonderful time only you. I'm waiting for this day with impatience. I have a dream every day about which is more likely to come to you and start my new life is wonderful, because finally I found the best person in the world, it's you. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be. To think of all the years that I was there alone and to me, it was very boring, and now when I have you, I'm happiest in the world and I do not want to lose you. Yesterday I told my mom Elizaveta that I am happy because I have you. And she is very grateful for me, my mom also wants me to be happy. My mom told me this, that you immediately noticed a very good man, too, that my mom would be happy that I have a man advantage as you. I am very glad that my mom get me. Also, only wants the greatest happiness for me. I look forward to your letters, write me soon. Today I finish writing a letter. I'll write you a letter tomorrow. Your Tanya To cut this story short, Tanya, as she liked to be called, got money from me in several payments, for flight to Bristol, passport. visa and other documents. She said she got these from a travel agent. She gave me the flight numbers which actually checked out correctly, and I went to the airport to meet her. Of course she never arrived. Later she told me that she got stopped by customs because she was trying to bring me a religious statue, she was stopped from leaving and fined an amount equivalent to the money I had given her for her ticket, if she hadn't paid she would have been in prisoned. She then wanted more money for the ticket. I offered to pay half if she got the rest, but even though she said she accepted that, never came here, and just before Xmas 2010 stopped writing emails. She did phone me once, but it went to VM as I was in a meeting with phone off, she never phoned again. She sent me lots of photos by email, of herself, her daughter and son-in-law, and when she was a child, also a picture of a white church where she said she prayed for us to be together. She has not replied to my emails for nearly a year now, even though she stated that she could not imagine life without me. I have written several emails saying that if she doesnt contact me by the end of Nov 2011, I would put this information on the scammer sites, but no response at all. I realise I was foolish sending money, but it did seem very credible, I had heard her vioce so knew it was a woman, having a whole series of photos from her life including her Mother. I do have all the emails that she sent to me and all of my replies.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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