Scam report about Jennifer Packerson

First name:  Jennifer
Last name:  Packerson
Age:  33
Location:  Isle of man and Malaysia
Phone:  +60169650529 07754153987
On websites:  Plenty more Fish
Report:  Jennifer Packerson contacted me on Plenty More Fish as user name sintia, and it only taken a few days before we started talking, and we chatted for a few weeks and then Jennifer said that she had a phone call from her late father lawyer in Malaysia saying she had a buyer for her late father property in Malaysia, and needed help with the sale, and then get a phone call from Jennifer as she says shes at Heathrow and getting a plane to Malaysia in a day or Two, so I said I see you at the hotel for a chat before you fly, but didnt have time to meet, and She kept asking can she have my help with sale, I said, I can only give advance, thats all, Then I get a email from Jennifer saying, we have to change owership off proberrty to you as the govermount want to take away proberty, before it can be sold, and contacted the lawyer ASAP as he needs to speak to you, when I contact him I get told that I have to pay 2.6k to pay for the change off owership off proberty, which I said no, it all down to Jennifer and get told the proberty is in your name now and you have to pay the fees, But I have a friend that lives in Malaysia and asked him if he knew thr address and he said he knows off the address and so think it could be true, so I sent the 2.6k to pay for owership change and I was told that was all i had to pay, and was told to pay money in too a craig davey account in the uk, and I kept in contact with Jennifer, ( but what I did notice was when she got money she went quiet for a few days) then few weeks after I get hit with a 10k bill for tax and had to pay in a day or two, as there was out standing tax money to pay, as I know had to pay as I was the owner, as time was running out as buyers wants the sale done quickly as possible, so I sent the money, but every time I asked questions about sale, I get told stop asking questions and do what lawyer says, and things didnt start to make sense and I started to do some checks, IE where she said she lives, in Isle of Man, but could find any body living there with that name and the address she gave was a old couple living there and phone the hotel she said she was staying at, and get told, no Ms packerson staying at hotel, and what I also found out was they can speak English and do have scanners etc, as Jennifer was saying they dont speak English or have scanners to send documents to me, thats when I started to query with her and got told I moved hotel and stop delaying things and stop questioning me, and when I spoke to Jennifer she sounded Malaysian and I asked her, about you sounding differant from being English, I was asked to send my ID to her Lawyer to open a overseas account for the sale off proberty money to be paid into, and was told I need to pay 3.5k or $5k to open account and as I couldnt pay this she said she ask her lawyer for help, and he offered to pay half, but as I didnt send my ID the sale couldnt go through and the Buyers pulled out and they opened a overseas bank account in my name with out ID and jennifer said we need 800 to pay agent to sell proberty,and then in two weeks we had a buyer and money was paid into my overseas account, and I had to speak to the bank manager to get funds transfered to the uk, and then I was hot with a 12k and I asked Jennifer for a copy off the bank statement, which should the money was in there , which a copy was sent, showing funds in account and there was mistakes on it, with dates with money paid into account, the statement date 30 oct but money paid in after statement was printed., so I phoned the Bank, and I was told the account was not a real account as account numbers missing and lots off missing information from statement, and was all so told as I am not a malaysian, I cant not open a overseas account or own and have to inform the central bank why I was taking out money from malaysia to the uk, So I contacted Jennifer to tell her what I have found out and got told stop delaying all this, and just send the money, which I did not and was told by Jennifer that the bank are wrong, and they dont know, and do what the our Lawyer says, so I phone bank back again and was told some one else has just phoned them with the same information I gave them, so there two off us the was scammed and I told Jennifer this and I was told, stop this and send the money to get funds transfered back to the uk, as I didnt. I got told if I lose my father money I kill you, I make sure off it, and I said I been to the police and thats the last Ive heard from Jennifer Packerson so what was a 3 weeks turned into 3 months

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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