Scam report about Evgeniya Grynina

First name:  Evgeniya
Last name:  Grynina
Age:  27
Location:  Anapa near Black Sea, Russia
On websites:  Contact direct on e-mail
Report:  Evgeniya presents her as an ex model and supplies ample pictures from her ex model work. She claims to be now a master manicurist who holds two international diplomas in her craft. She requests assistance from a foreign host to establish her in a new country. Without making sufficient enquiries about the conditions in such new country, she announces she leaves her home town Anapa near the Black Sea for Moscow where she would get her air ticket and visa. She claims her mother will transfer sufficient funds to pay for the air ticket. She professes not to seek a relationship with her host, but offers sex quite often in her letters. She then rocks up in Moscow and rents a room from a 70 year-old lady as she does not have sufficient funds for hotel accommodation. Then she comes with a passionate plea that her mother short paid the air ticket and she requires a further amount of just over USD900.00. She claims she works with an agency who would arrange the visa and air ticket. Since her mother did not send enough money, she is now indebted to the agency, for the balance of the air ticket. She then presents an air ticket invoice which is already outdated. The particular one was for November 15, 2011 and the current date 12 December 2011. The fact that she was a model is not disputable. Her current job could not be verified. The fact that her mother short pays the air ticket, after she verified that she will in fact pay the full amount, causes her to suddenly become very lovey dovey in her plea for the $900.00 plus. The main proof of her scam is the outdated air ticket invoice. She evolved very fast from very formal with no prospect of a relationship, to offer splendid sex to her very dear whatever. I did mention to her that I would do a proper due diligence of her profile. She ignored main important questions and just carried on presenting herself being on the way to my country. I tried to obtain the vital data on her photos on various programs, but it seems to be edited out. Her English is also too perfect an almost faultless for an ordinary Russian lady with no extensive education.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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