Scam report about Galina Savinova

First name:  Galina
Last name:  Savinova
Aka:  Olga
Age:  29
Location:  Balakovo, Russia
Address:  Radishchev Street house 30 apartment 11.
Report:  I was a member on dating website and one day I was contacted by this Russian lady. The country listed on her profile was the UK. She later explained that she listed her country as UK because people ignore Russian profiles. We started emailing and exchanging photos every one or two days. In the first emails she emphasised the importance of being honest and of caring about each other's feelings. When asked why she's looking for a foreigner she said that Russian men do not make good husbands. She also mentioned that she was married to a Russian man but divorced within 2 years. After a month, we started discussing the possibility of meeting each other and we decided that she should visit the UK. She started making preparations for her visa and tickets. In one of the emails she mentioned that she needed financial help to cover her visa and flight ticket expenses, requesting a total of 1200. So I agreed to send her the money by bank transfer. About 10 days before her supposed visit to the UK, she sent an email saying that her travel agency told her that she needed 3600 to cover her living expenses while in the UK. I was surprised by this and initially refused to send her the money but, when she kept insisting, I sent her the money anyway. On the day of the trip, I waited for her at the airport but she never turned up. She didn't even call me, even though she had all my contact details. Later on that evening, she sent me an email to explain what had happened. She said that she wasn't allowed to leave Russia because of debts on her apartment. Once again, she asked me to assist her financially, but this time I refused. After this email, she never contacted me again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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