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First name:  Ludmila
Age:  30
Location:  Kanash Russia
Email:  ludmilatravelagent@yahoo. Return
On websites:
Report:  She stated e-MAIL ME 5Nov2011 last e-mail recived 12Dec11. ludmilatravelagent@yahoo. From Return Name Ludmila DOB 20 Nov 1980 31yrs as of 2011 168cm Tall & 50pound Said he Employer is sending her to Sibera to open a new travel agency there & will not be able to write. Said she has a mortage on a flat her parents are mom's is Natalja, and dad's name is Victor mechanic in Kolkhoz. She reads your letter's & she answer's all you Question. So either she is new at this scam or she is real. She has told me about a man in the USA. Who she visited. I think he has put the first report on here. She told me she paid to visit him & he was going to give her back the money, as she said he would not so she went back to Russia. She said she was married but her husband die in a car accident. I am not a 100% shore she is a scammer as I have not been able to fine another records on her or her photo's. I have 55 of them. An only 16 letters. But if she is in contact with anyone in the next few months then YES she is a scammer as she is surpose to be in Sibera. From: Ludmila To: Peter Sent: Friday, 9 December 2011 8:18 PM Subject: I will go to Siberia and I hope for your understanding in my decision! Hello my lovely sweetheart Peter! Once again I am very glad to receive your letter and I fill in fine feelings of joy and the heart beats. I feel like you put in his letter to the soul and tenderness. Today at my work there is not much work but there are many who want to arrange a trip to another country. The weather is very good. I love getting your letters when I'm on work and it gives me a lot of sentiment and joy. My dear, thank you very much for the pictures, you look great! My dear, tell your daughter ____, that everything will be fine and that I would be happy to meet her one day and I hope that we can be with her friends. My dear, the paperwork for the trip program in Russia, in different countries may vary, so it would be better if you go to the Russian Embassy in your city and find out all the details. My dear, it would certainly create a great travel agency in your country, but this is impossible, since we can only conduct business in Russia. This morning I had coffee with the head and I have news for you my Peter. I've thought a lot about the offer of my head relative to Siberia. I think that if our meeting can not happen Now it would be better if I go to Siberia, but not for a long time, I agreed with his barefoot and explain to him all that time, when you sell your property, then I'll come back. My supervisor gives me such a possibility and I should not let it slip away. Today I gave consent for my trip and a new job. I will leave the next time to begin work as soon as possible. After a conversation with Today I wanted to head more to go for a new job. My thoughts in my head was bugging me about you and your new job. I really did not know what to do and how best to proceed. I am very wanted to meet you and spend your vacation with you. But if our meeting is not possible and it will be possible only after a while Then I go to work in Siberia. I really wanted our meeting with you and I'm just very sorry that it did not happen. I'll build his career, and I hope that I get my expectations the head. I think that this work is really me on the shoulder and I can set up a new office travel agency. I need to work to have a good future and good work. Career Opportunities really important in my life. Because I need to pay until the end your mortgage apartment. I think that if we did not meet with you Peter means that the fate of so decided for us. I would hope and dream that we can meet you after the end My work in Siberia. I do not know I would be able to communicate with you or not when I'll be in Siberia. I'll construction of his career and it will help us later in life. Me sick leave for Siberia because all I dreamed only of our with you meeting. But I think that fate has brought us together and so we will still together and side by side. I'll write you when I go to Siberia I need to do a lot before his departure. When I met you on the Internet that you gave me a new sense and changed my life very much. I am very grateful to you my love Peter. I I love you and in my soul great feelings for you and I look forward to our meet with you in the future. I did not think I could love so much again. You gave me hope for the future. I want to have a family and beloved husband. I will work and hope that it will all be possible with you Peter. I am pleased to know that my life is you Peter, a man who loves me very much and trust me. You changed my very life and made it much better and I thank you for this my Peter. I'm going to dream and to love you more, knowing that there are far away from me you Peter, who wants our meeting, and a serious relationship. I will wait for our meeting with you always, and I hope that we will meet after As I come to your city. I'm going to dream and hope of our you future. In order to prepare for the flight to Siberia, I need to buy warm clothes and much more. I was given a salary but I to pay for the mortgage to the bank for his apartment. I guess I do not enough money to purchase clothing and other before my trip. I will fly on a plane to Siberia. My heart Peter I wanted to ask you of a favor to help me if you have the chance. I'll be very grateful if you help me with money to buy warm clothes and other things for my trip. I will not be offended if you refuse to help I. But when I'm in that warm clothing, buy something I will think that is the heat from the warm clothes you give me my Peter. I am ashamed On the one hand you have a questio financial aid because I said that I will not ask money from you. But circumstances so happened that I was no longer to ask for help. For all this time, you have become my most dear and close friend. If you helped me with money that would be very nice and good with your side. But if you can not help it no problem and I will rejection of you. Once again, I'm sorry in advance that you have asked to help a difficult situation. I hope that you will not be upset by my letter. I think that you I can understand my heart Peter. I will be working in Siberia and always dream about you and our meeting with you. I love you and want to to be with you and have a family. I want to be happy and have a family with you. I'm going to put his career and work for our with you the future. I wish you a great day and good thoughts about me. I I love you with all my heart and with all my heart. I dream about you and think of you a lot of my Peter. I will wait your letter monday and tell you when I go to Siberia. Yours true love Ludmila that dream about you all day and all night. Kiss and huge

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