First name: Kate
Last name: Shawn
Aka: Anita Peterson
Age: 29
Location: Nigeria, Orange Park Fl
On websites: Upforit, 4ppl
Report:     This one is smooth. She will start out send you a message through with her email address. She will start chatting with you, answering any question that you might have. Will tell you that she is an antiques buyer in Africa on a buy trip. That she was an only child with no close family. Over the next five to six days she told me several times that she has started having strong feelings for me, that this was ment to be. She even started to talk about coming for a for a visit at the end of the week. She always has an answer to any question that I asked and she started to make me believe that this is real. A the six day she told me that she was trouble. She sent a shippment of stuff that she bought home but it did not have the right paperwork and now she needs money to get herself out of this jam. When I confronted her with the information that I had found through this web site at this point, she told me that I got it all wrong, she could explain everything, that I was breaking her heart and she was going to hurt herself. She is still trying to say that this all a big mistake and is still sending me emails.
Status of report: is still without proof