Scam report about Angel Lance Jestre

First name:  Angel Lance
Last name:  Jestre
Aka:  Haru Blando
Age:  22
Location:  Philippines, Manila
Address:  Western Union: #5 Garrido Street, Santa Ana, Manila, Philippines.
Email: or
On websites: Member ID: 2890293
Report:  I'm sending the correspondence between scammer and victim: From: To:; Date: Saturday, 17 December 2011, 16:35 My dear Angel, I rcv your email, but my email has not been working because my neighbour whom I steal my internet access has renovated his premises and has gone on leave an d has switched off his internet access. Now I have to get my own internet access put right. You I am too lazy to get my own internet which I am paying for active. I am very lazy. I am now sending this at my breakfast location which gives free access to internet. Very complicated for you if you have to pay for it in the cafe. How are you? I miss you and writing to you. Now it is very noisy and I have to sign off. I came to get your photos od this email. Pse send more photos, OK? I like your photos they are very nice and your are very sweet. I love you. Take care, my love C From: haru blando To: Sent: Monday, 12 December 2011, 1:51 Subject: Re: hi my love.... hi my love, its been a while since i got an email from you. i am sorry too, i am quite busy. last saturday i went to a racket to provide finances for everyday living. luckily i got 500 pesos that night. i was guest to be a singer to a bar for 4 hours. :) its already 1am here and i am still reviewing my notes. examination week starting today. and after that our christmas vacation already, i think we are going to the province, luckily i bought an internet connection, a wireless one. this is kind of usb one. cause the one that i have applied was not succesful, i got already the refund for it. they did not allowed me since i am just a student. they need a proof that i can afford to purchase the services. unfortunately i am not, they are asking for my payslip and then i told them i dont have a job, they have denied it. :( anyways, i think this usb type would be somehow good, since it is a prepaid one. i just need to load it up to access the internet. that is somehow convenient. my love, yes. honestly we are in a financial problem because my auntie is in the hospital, and we are the closest kin around. My father lend them money for the hospitalization, so we dont have enough money to pay for my tuition fees. i still lack about 18,570.00 pesos for the whole tuition fee this semester. My father will have his salary by the 30th of this month that is why i have passed a promisory note, that i will gonna pay my tuition fee on january 5. i am thinking that we cant have a prosperous christmas and new year, cause we dont have enough resources to have a feast on those days. if i just have a work to provide finances for my expenses in school, it would be a big help for my parents. they are not oblige to think of my expenses anymore. :( but thats life, we were not really born like the others who can afford to send their children to school. :( anyways my love, how are you today? it seems that your email has a problem. i always get your email late. :( how are you doing these days? hope your doing great. :) smile always and be happy. dont stress too much because of my problems my love, it is our problems. i know that God will help us get through with this. :( keep safe always my love and smile. :) you are not forced to think of me much. i am okay. please have time to reply. i just got my internet paid for three days only and i need to load it up again. anyways my love, i have attached photos of me again so that whenever you are missing me, you can always browse my photos. :) kisses... sorry if its a bit blurred, it just came from a cellphone camera. your dearest, loving, angel. :( --- On Sat, 12/10/11, wrote: From: Subject: Re: hi my love.... To:

Status of report:  is still without proof

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