Scam report about ekaterina sevnakova

First name:  ekaterina
Last name:  sevnakova
Aka:  kalita
Age:  35 born 15/09/76
Location:  yadrin russia
Address:  429060
Phone:  83528463506
On websites:  match canada
Report:  i received one day an e mail from a girl call kalita from match canada ,i answer and she show up as a different person on the picture ,then i ask her why and she said russia man are bad they always ask naked picture and she did not like that,i stay in contact for about 3 month with her with some up and down,she never answer my question even after 3 time the same one ,once she call me and i am french from canada i notice a french accent from france in her english i ask her if she was french and she said no i told her about the accent and she change her voice a bit and talk less after that she was answering my question by yes and no and ah ah and sound as we communicate she said she will lov eto come see me if i was the prince for her but with her small salary she needed some more for visa,passeport ,russia taxe as she was going out of the country,insurance, and more she need 372.u.s dollar,i came to a point that something was wrong i delay telling her when i will be sending the money then she said you dont love me anymore i love you with all my hart and i want to be with you,since i was one of your subcriber on scammer i saw diff girl who may look like her but blond,or complete different dressing but the way that her picture was taken ,her head side ways ,her eyes from a lower point of view ..i send her picture of girl on you site telling her that she was a scammer and she reply no it s not me ,then i said find the money and i will pay you back at the airport then she start to take distance and ask 1/2 the amont and i said no..then bye bye no more e mail after that

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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