SCAM REPORT ABOUT  kishalyn bisnar

First name: kishalyn
Last name: bisnar
Aka: anderson,
Age: 28
Location: philipine,
Email: unknown now
On websites: black,and more
Report:     i meet this woman on black a dating site, i ask her about her self and every thing ,every thing about her seem find she told me she had job but it was not much to pay her bills, a few days goes by she came to me and say she got fired from her job becouse her boss didnt like her, as she was talking to me she claim she dnt know what to do to handle her bills , so i told her since you my girlfriend i will help until u find a job , she said ok that she will find one fast , months goes by she still dnt have a job, so from there i told her that i will come to philipine to meet her , so from there i went and meet her she did every thing that a good woman would do when i was there , i talk to her and i met her and her two little sister , i ask her to marry me in from of the mom ,her mother was very happy, , ok from there i went back to the usa, i file a fiancee visa , every thing went well with the paper works , as time on the visa started to come close , she started telling me that she is a bad woman who have sex for money in angeles city, the place i was paying for i have no idea what she did to it and every things in it , three months i never hear from her i txt her and email her still nothing, later on after three months she call me telling me that she move and she got a job at a place call, the calling center, she told that she cant come here to the usa but she never told me why , after that she was gone again , later on after on she call me again and told me that she got married to a military guy and she told me that she dnt love him and she want to cheat on him becouse she think thats he got other woman , she offer to be my mistress , she still calling me and i dnt even know where she is in the philipine , kishalyn told me last month this year that she was going to the united state with this guy , but she still planing to see me and have a baby for me , to whom this report may concern , please dnt let this come here in the united state becouse im afraid she is up to no good , and this woman scammer me with this military guy becouse the time she got married she was stiil my fiancee and the fiancee visa was aprove for her to interviewed so she could come here to be with me , iam begging you please bent this woman from coming cuz i also have a little daughter who she know s my daughter is emotional in pain by her action becouse she become close to my daughter and every since she gone my daughter have not been the same , thank you , if you need anymore information please call me at this number 646-571-5289
Status of report: is still without proof