Scam report about sharon gusey

First name:  sharon
Last name:  gusey
Aka:  Unknown
Age:  53
Location:  sydney australia, or sanford in queensland
Phone:  +60169554595
On websites:  Facebook and Yahoo
Report:  I meet Sharon Gusey at 18 month ago, after a couple of weeks she claims she had to fly to Malaysia to a job as she designs and makes Jewellry. It wasn't long after maybe a week or so she phoned me and said where she worked in KL they had run out of Gold and fresh supplys wouln't arrive for another week or so, there for she wanted to come back to Australia so we could meet. But as she did not finish her job she hadn't got paid yet and if i would send her the Airfare she would come here for a week to meet each other. Yes I did send her money, and all unfolded from there on, she never came either as the gold supplys where she worked had arrived, and she had to finnish her contract in order to get paid. The next I got an e-mail saying her contract was finnish and her money was in the HSBC Bank in 2 Leboah Ampang US $ 450000.00, but now the Malaysian goverment wanted 10% in outstanding Taxes plus she needs about US $ 7000.00 to open a foreign currency transfer account and all this had to be done in 10 Days or so. Also money was send via Western union. Also money was send by postal transfer. All this went on for about 8 month all up about A $ 160000.00 Money was direct send to Malaysian remittance tax office, but I dont know if this a legitimate e- mail address and also to Sharon Gusey via Western Union. The final outcome as you guessed haven't heard from her for 6 month or more and no money has been returned. This is the reason I am reporting her just incase there are any other suckers out there who may fall for the same trick. Cheers, A specht

Status of report:  is still without proof

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