Scam report about Grace Dede

First name:  Grace
Last name:  Dede
Aka:  Anita Rauf
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana
On websites:  BVlack Planet
Report:  I met Anita in April 2011 and we chatted for months. During August Anita started with the request for money to help pay the electric bill or her brother needed medicine and she had not money to pay for it, Anita needed money to buy a new computer so we could chat. I did not send her any money, but I knew something was wrong about her. I started to chat with her less and less. She contacted a friend of mine she met while we were chatting one day and asked why I have been missing from chatting with her. My friend told her that I was once scammed by someone from Ghana and do not trust anyone. Anita denied she would ever do such a thing. Today I went on this web-site to check on another scammer that contacted me and there was Anita under the name of Grace Dede. A lot of the photos posted there were the same as what I was sent by her. I knew she was a scammer!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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